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My interest in a healthy lifestyle has been manifested since my childhood, during the time spent between the city and the village. The holidays spent in the countryside have brought me closer to nature and the natural, inspiring my passion for the elements of nature and the environment.

I used to take part in all sorts of agricultural activities that took place every season, which gave me a broader vision and a deeper understanding of natural phenomena. My grandparents kept and raised various sorts of animals (dogs, cats, pigs, cattle, birds, etc.) and I remember how they paid great attention and importance to the quality of food they ate as well as to the space they had to move around. Food and movement were two factors in maintaining and promoting their good health. Near the household, neighbours were eager for their poultry to grow faster or to be more productive (giving more milk, producing more eggs, growing faster), but this often puts a mark on the health of the animals. They often call for the services of a veterinarian who indulges them with all sorts of treatments and antibiotics.

The influence of nutrition and movement on the state of health of the non-vagabonds is expressed by: the artificially fed ducklings who gained a lot of weight and became crippled. Those raised on grass and a few grains that had access to flowing water, grew slower, but remained vigorous and sprinting. The destiny of pigs and cattle was similar.

Later, around the age of 10-12 years old, I noticed a particularly curious thing: the crops grown by farmers (wheat, corn, potatoes, etc.) were more and more attacked by pests and invaded by weeds, while herbs growing spontaneously were protected from the aggression of the pests. By then I did not understand the reason, but today I realize a very important thing: everything that grows naturally happens in optimal conditions. For example: a spontaneously growing potato will attract around it plants that will guard it against pests and certain weather conditions. Modern, mechanized, industrialized agriculture does not, unfortunately, understand the concept of growing in harmony, eliminating these weeds, these shields without which crops remain exposed.

At the age of 13-14 years old, I was struggling with some vitamin deficiencies, manifested in dry and cracked skin on the palms, and the family doctor recommended a course of vitamin A. I read the prospectus and learned the benefits of vitamin A on the skin, but also many other indications for visual capacity, immunity and pulmonary capacity. Also, in the leaflet it is recommended that vitamin A, for a better, more synergistic effect, be combined with vitamin E, which encouraged me to study the benefits of vitamin E. Then, I was interested in learning more about other vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, lipids, fats and antioxidants.

What I now realize, as a result of a childhood spent in the natural environment, from the individual study, from the courses followed and from the qualifications obtained, from the accumulated experience, is that everything in nature is in perfect harmony, and when we get to understand and to appreciate this, we will be healthier, happier and more energetic.

Whole foods from natural environments are always a standard, a benchmark for their nutritional qualities. Natural, organic, clean products help us in various situations, regardless of whether we want to keep our health, to rebuke after a certain affection or get peak performance.

In the case of athletes, the diet plays a particularly important role, as the processes in the body are intensified, and after a sustained effort, the cells are keen after high-quality nutrients. Through proper nutrition, with well-thought-out food plans, the cells regenerate properly, the joints maintain their integrity and mobility, the skin becomes more radiant, the organs work at optimal parameters, and the muscles get toned.

A well-designed nutritional plan, a positive thinking, along with proper movement and sufficient rest, is the key, the ticket, the secret in achieving sports goals.