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Online consultation

Online sessions give you the opportunity to enjoy a personalized diet, an herbal treatment recipe or precious tips for your current requirements.

Do you want a well-established and well-designed nutritional plan to achieve your athletic goals? Do you enjoy the idea of benefiting from an herbal treatment formula? Are you preoccupied with improving your sexual life? Do you want to reshape your body and have tailored beauty tips?

I must admit that I am looking forward to hearing your story and to working together to achieve your full athletic and health potential!

What are the advantages of an online consultation?
– you are relieved of the trip to the doctor’s office, without having to move around or make a prior appointment;
– you get answers and precious information from the privacy of your home; – natural treatment and nutritional programs for athletes are tailored and personalized;
– you get the best advice and recommendations, pliable to your needs;
– the products recommended in the treatment plan and those in the sports supplement protocol are of the highest quality, and come from safe, clean, and reputable sources that have proven their effectiveness over time.

How can you get an online consultation?
For the therapeutic consultation I need the following data:
– age, weight, height;
– cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels;
– a brief description of the condition you are currently facing, emphasizing the main symptoms.

For the sports consulting you will receive a nutrition form that you will need to fill in and send by email. The regular form can be filled out and sent to my email address.

For a consultation on improving sexual performance, you will receive a form to fill in after sending me a message via email.

For the body reshaping consultation and beauty tips you will receive a form after sending me a message via email as well.